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Ticketing for Sports

Our solution allows teams, parents, staff, students, and fans to make reservations and pay for their tickets, all on one platform. We also support the sale of season passes and other ticketing options fully customizable to suit your sporting event.

Do you want to generate extra income by selling jerseys? You can even showcase your sports team apparel line and other merchandise directly online, so fans are equipped before game day using ticket add-ons.

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  • Fee venue map building
  • Equipment rentals
  • Tiered ticket pricing
  • Multiple ticket delivery
  • Merchandise mode
  • Ticket transferring options
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Partner access for multiple users
  • Social integrations
  • Custom season passes


Season passes
Wireless scanners
USB credit card swipes
Coupon codes
Merchandise sales
Assigned seating
Season and flex passes

Offer loyal fans the chance to join in on games year-round with season or flex passes. With the flex pass you can add as many tickets from as many events from your account as you’d like.

Wireless scanners

Don’t limit yourself to a check-in desk. Staff and volunteers can go throughout lines and scan guests into the event, lasting up to 10 hours before needing a new battery.

USB credit card swipes

Everyone prefers a different form of payment. USB credit card swipes can be plugged into your computer port or used with your box office giving customers more payment options.

Coupon codes for special guests or performers

Design special promo codes artists, friends and family can use when purchasing tickets. Upon checkout, enter the promo code and they’ll receive a discount or COMP ticket. It’s up to you.

Merchandise and ticket add-ons

Go beyond ticket sales and include merchandise and ticket add-ons at checkout. T-shirts, fan wear, food tickets, foam fingers, you name it! Our custom questions will make it easy to get accurate information for each order in advance.

Assigned seating maps

Most performing arts events require assigned seating for their guests. If that’s the case, we will build a seating map for you, free of charge, that supports anything from chairs to tables and booths.

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Get Free demo

Purplepass In 90 Seconds

Watch a quick video to learn what we are all about. See just how simple our software really is.

What clients say about us

I switched from Eventbrite after many years and I must say, I am impressed with Purplepass and will be a customer for life.

I love that they can build a seating map based upon limited information and they don't charge for it. Their customer service is excellent!

It was easy to set up an event and include all the necessary details needed for the interested customers to be able to purchase confidently.

It took time to convince me to convert to this software but once I started using it, I realized how much more helpful its functions were for my needs. that we've had run very smoothly and Purplepass made sure we were able to achieve sales the way that were needed, i.e. Season Ticket Sales.