Online Event Management Software for a Digital Student Registration

Managing event registrations, memberships, and even the sale of school merchandise can take on a life of its own, requiring hours of manual labor.

Using ticketing and event management software can help keep better track of online student registration and various memberships for upcoming school and university events.


Step 1: Creating your registration

Rather than hosting in-person orientations, schools, and educational programs are turning towards online enrollments and registrations for their students. 


With online registrations, students have the opportunity to register for various clubs, order their yearbooks, and reserve tickets to special events in the calendar year. 


Step 2: Memberships

Next, you should consider any membership packages, sponsorships, donation opportunities, etc. that you would like to include in your registration. 

When building these ticket types, you have the option of promoting tiered donor levels and various membership types based on pricing and exclusive rewards, discounts, and access provided.

booster-club-registration-for-schoolsYou can also offer memberships to students who are interested in registering for specific clubs your school has available year-round.

Some membership types may include:

  • Yearbook club

  • Drama club

  • Tech/IT

  • Chess club

  • Math leagues

  • Booster clubs

  • Donor/sponsor memberships

  • Tiered memberships for events

  • Parent groups/PTA

By allowing students to enroll in clubs virtually, you can manage all of your registrations and memberships from one location using Purplepass. 

When creating these different ticket types on Purplepass, you can use the drop-down option to customize the ticket you wish to build. creating-a-user-defined-ticket-with-Purplepass

Step 3: Selling merchandise and ticket add-ons

If you are interested in selling school merchandise, equipment, uniform rentals, or event add-ons, an online event management software can also come in handy. Whether you are selling yearbooks, school jackets, or even concessions, you can create the ticket types you need. merchandise-add-ons-using-Purplepass

From selling graduation caps and class yearbooks to letterman jackets, beverages, and concession snacks, selling in advance helps maintain complete control over any inventory you have on hand at all times.

Selling these add-ons on your registration will help with keeping track of inventory, while also providing an estimation of how much inventory you will need in the future.

Common merchandise items and add-ons include: 

  • Senior items (grad night tickets, shirts, trips, etc.)
  • Uniform rentals
  • Book rentals or orders
  • Yearbooks
  • Class trips
  • Equipment rentals 
  • End-of-the-year activities
  • Grade T-shirts or merchandise 
  • Spirit wear
  • Field trips


Step 4: Consider other types of registrations for education

Online registration is not just for student and class enrollment. But can be put to use for a variety of educational programs and activities. 

  • Exam/testing enrollment

  • Certificate enrollment

  • Textbook replacement ordering sheets

  • School equipment rentals

  • School supplies

  • Sports players registration

  • Club participation registration

  • Specialty classes (cosmetology, ROP, etc.) registration


You can also use custom questions at checkout to gather all the required information you need at one time. Learn more below!



Using custom questions at checkout

Custom checkout questions are text fields and forms that allow event planners the opportunity to collect more information at checkout. 


Custom checkout questions can provide helpful details regarding an individual’s order or reservation they have placed.

It can also inform event coordinators about the following:

  • Specific names of attendees

  • Number of players/students enrolling in an event or applying for a team

  • Custom order requests/dietary needs if ordering food

  • Name of player(s) when enrolling a student onto a team 

  • Shirt size when purchasing merchandise or enrolling in a sports team

  • Type of instrument when renting equipment

  • Rental equipment specifics if renting additional equipment directly from the school

  • Graduation gown/cap details if selling graduation items online

  • Donation amount/special messages to provide to charity or organization being donated to when hosting fundraisers and donation events with students and parents 


Get extensive reports and real-time stats

Purplepass users have access to real-time
sales alerts and custom reporting options.


Benefits of using a ticketing solution for registration

Online ticketing has become increasingly popular in just the past few years alone, especially during times of the global pandemic.

Offering a singular ticketing solution for event registration, memberships, and even to purchase school merchandise provides several benefits, such as

  • Providing a contactless method of managing and tracking event registration and ticket sales

  • Seamless reservation and purchasing process to help motivate and increase sales

  • One central location online to purchase tickets, which can be accessed from just about anywhere, even with the use of smartphones

  • The ability to track sales in real-time using visual guides and succinct analytics 

The right ticketing and online event management software can help you create and manage applications, registration details, and even sales of merchandise all in one easy-to-use location. 

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