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Podcasts have come a long way, and since their initial invention, they have become a common form of media-streaming by users in all demographics today. Using a podcast is a great way to spread the word about an idea or business while also providing an ideal opportunity to promote an upcoming event you are planning, hosting, or managing.

Knowing how to effectively promote your event on podcasts can significantly increase the overall interest you can generate surrounding the event itself.


Benefits of Promoting an Event on a Podcast

If you can land a guest spot on a podcast, the attention you receive is likely to benefit both you and the podcasters themselves. Promoting an event on a podcast can help you maximize your reach among a brand-new audience, while also helping to spread awareness about the podcast among your current followers and event attendees.

The synergistic nature of the podcaster and sponsor relationship is why so many turn to podcasts to promote their ideas, products, services, and events.


Step #1: Define your target demographics

Defining your target demographics can help significantly for using podcasts to promote an upcoming event. Knowing the age range, gender, location, and even the interests of your target demographics can help to find podcasts that are most likely to resonate with your audience.

Whenever you are planning an event and defining target demographics, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will my event be located?

  • How long is the event I am planning going to last?

  • Who is most likely to attend the event I am planning, and why?

  • What are the best marketing methods to use to promote my upcoming event, and how can I go about reaching the target audience I have in mind most effectively?

This step is extremely important because if your target market doesn't hang out online or listen to podcasts, this might not be the best avenue for you to spend your time and resources on.


Step #2: Seek out podcasts with similar audiences

Search for podcasts that have similar audiences and podcasts that cover topics that are relevant to your own event. Sitting in on a podcast with a relevant audience is likely to result in more engagement from the listening audience.


Step #3: Find a podcast with a wide reach

When researching podcasts you would like to approach regarding the event you are hosting, search for podcasts that have the widest reach possible. Compare followers and traffic statistics and the number of listeners a podcast has before approaching them directly.

***Or, if ever invited onto a show, make sure to collect their demographics, average listeners and any other useful stats before deciding to go on the show. 

While it may be more challenging to secure a spot on a podcast that is trending or popular, it can also result in a much more explosive reach for your event.


Step #4: Search for podcasters who are actively seeking individuals to interview

Finding a podcaster that will host you and promote your event is not always easy, especially if you attempt to do so directly and without an introduction from someone else in the industry. One way to avoid rejection and save time is to search for podcasters who are actively seeking individuals to interview.

Researching and comparing podcasts while following podcasters on their social media pages can provide you with valuable insight regarding when a podcaster is actively searching for others to interview.

After finding a podcaster who is open to interviews or new podcast attendee applicants, be sure to verify that the podcast you want to be on is well-liked and relevant to the type of event you are hosting. Ensuring the podcast you are on has a positive reputation is essential to avoid having your event’s name tarnished or looked down upon. You should also search for podcasts with speakers and hosts who are experts or professionals in their own field for the best experience possible.


Step #5: Reach out to podcasters

Once you have found the podcasts, you are interested in using to promote your event, you will need to consider the best methods to go about contacting those who are operating the podcasts directly.

Most often, you will contact a podcaster via their official website, their LinkedIn social media profile, or even with the use of their email address. 

When reaching out to podcasters, keep in mind that you may need to persuade them to learn more about the event you are trying to promote. Better yet, you need to convince those who are running podcasts why you are a valuable asset to their podcast and how you can also help to bring them, new listeners as well. 


Step #6: Discuss the show outline ahead of time

Before agreeing to join in on any podcast, be sure to verify that you are permitted to conduct a bit of self-promotion throughout the podcast guest spot. When discussing this opportunity with a podcaster, be sure to clarify when it is most appropriate to promote your event. Some podcasters may prefer that guests promote their products or events at the start of the podcast, while others may prefer for guests to wait until their spot time is nearly up.

Discussing the options you have for promoting the event you are hosting and managing ahead of time can help to prevent confusion or awkward moments once the podcast is airing live.

Using podcasts to promote your events can help you spread the word about the type of events you host, while also attracting potential guests and attendees. The more opportunities you have to promote your upcoming event(s) with the use of a podcast, the easier it will be to ensure you sell as many tickets as possible.

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